Almodovar signs petition to free Cuban political prisoners

Almodovar signs petition to free Cuban political prisoners
(AFP) – 6 hours ago

MADRID — Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar has signed a petition calling for the immediate release of all political prisoners in Cuba, his production company said Tuesday.

The Oscar-winning director put his name to the petition entitled “I accuse the Cuban government” that was launched on a Spanish blog on Friday, the company, El Deseo, said in a statement.

Several personalities, including Spanish-Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, are among some 5,000 people who have already signed it.

The petition calls for “the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners in Cuban jails and the respect of the exercise, promotion and the defence of human rights throughout the world.”

It also condemns the death on February 23 of Cuban dissident Orlando Zapata, who was “unjustly imprisoned and brutally tortured in Castroist prisons and died from a hunger strike while condemning crimes and the lack of rights and democracy in his country.”

Another Cuban dissident hunger striker, Guillermo Farinas, was last week reported to be in critical condition after losing consciousness in his third week of fasting.

The communist government in Havana argues that the dissidents are being manipulated by opponents of Cuba including the US government, and has rejected demands for their release.

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