18 Cubans arrested on a visit to dissident on hunger strike

18 Cubans arrested on a visit to dissident on hunger strike
Santa Clara : Cuba | Nov 02, 2011 at 3:40 AM PDT

Fariñas, who received the Sakharov Prize 2010 of the European Parliament
following a hunger strike for 135 days for the release of political
prisoners, was arrested admitted to the hospital in the city of Santa
Clara, 270 km east of Havana, his mother, Alicia Hernández.

"As I told another person who was with him, named Soto, was to come in
and (the agents) told him that no, there was formed something (a riot)
and stop" , said Hernandez. "One of the officers grabbed him, pinned him
and another gave him blows. I have in the National Police unit," he said.

For its part, the president of the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and
National Reconciliation, Elizardo Sanchez, confirmed that Farinas was
arrested with other activists who came to the hospital to visit Alcides
Rivera, a dissident who has a hunger strike.

"Indeed, around four in the afternoon (stopped) to him and several
others in the city of Santa Clara" Sanchez said. "Until this moment is
still detained," he said.

Fariñas's mother reported that this is the first time your child is
beaten by police, although he has been arrested before. "He had never
physically abused," he said. Also reported that 18 other dissidents who
came on Monday Provincial Hospital "Arnaldo Milian Castro" with the
intention of interest in the striker Rivera, did not have access to the
facility and were arrested, but apparently some have been released today.

In September, Fariñas was detained one day when I tried one other
opponents of street protests in Santa Clara.

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